Double K on DiChillSpot

May 9, 2021 By Richard

Double K in my opinion is a girl on fire, she is shy but feisty, spirited, beautiful, easy-going, warm and i could go on and on. Truly i enjoyed listening to her sending love to all her mentors, teachers, influencers, fans. A girl who is a product of the inner city, who has never forgotten her roots, and who continues to practice her craft as she represents her people. One could even say she is the voice of her people. Her music is a reflection of who she is, her environment and her experiences. She tells it like it is through her music, not pulling her punches but landing every shot dead on target. Her career is dotted with many collaborations with many big names in the business and she has truly come of age in her own right. Relevant and respectful, daring to do her part in an industry which is in many way polarized. Double K is my choice for ‘Girl with a bang’ please check out her interview for the details. See for yourself what she has to say and be warned, you cant help but to love her.